Big News! SONUBTHA’s Game-Changing Donation and Scholarships at UBTH Unveiled!

SONUBTHA, the School Of Nursing UBTH Alumni, has generously donated essential medical equipment and awarded scholarships to ten deserving students at the College of Nursing Sciences, UBTH. This impactful contribution enhances both education and healthcare at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital.

During the donation presentation, the UBTH management warmly welcomed SONUBTHA representatives, recognizing the profound impact of their support. Mrs. A.B. Eweka, the provost of the College of Nursing Sciences, expressed sincere appreciation for the donated items, including 50 laptop computer sets, oxygen cylinders, neonatal resuscitation bags, and orthopedic aids.

Mrs. Mabel Okungbowa, representing SONUBTHA and Love Your Neighbour Initiative, commended Prof. Darlington E. Obaseki, the Chief Medical Director, for his visionary leadership. She praised UBTH’s reputation as Nigeria’s premier healthcare institution and its high standards of teaching and learning.

Prof. Darlington E. Obaseki, the Chief Medical Director, expressed heartfelt gratitude to SONUBTHA for their generous donations and scholarships, emphasizing their significance in advancing healthcare education and improving patient care.

This collaboration between SONUBTHA and UBTH demonstrates the power of partnership in promoting education, healthcare, and community development. SONUBTHA’s contributions continue to make a meaningful difference, reinforcing UBTH’s position as a beacon of healthcare excellence in Nigeria and beyond.